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July 27, 2014 at 2:25pm
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1. “Boys ain’t shit. They’re the worst. Literally the worst. All of them. Literally all of them.”

2. “Never chase a guy. If a guy likes you, he’ll be all over you. It’ll be sickening. You won’t have to ask him where he’s at, what he’s doing. If a guy likes you, you won’t have to ask him to chill more than once. If you have to track him down, he’s not checkin’ for you.”

3. “No, you can’t give it up to a guy right away! If you like him, you have to make him wait. If not, he’ll be all, “If she’s giving it up to me this easy, who else is she giving it up to?” The less people you’ve slept with, the better. Boys like to think they’re the only one you’ve been with, even if they know that’s not true.”

4. “Never tell a guy your number. Keep that shit to yourself. Or try to make it as small as possible. If he’s asking, he’s gonna care about the answer.”

5. “I’m not saying it’s right, but guys can get away with more shit then women. Y’all put up with more. That’s just the way the world works. A guy can sleep around and it’s whatever. Girls are all “he’s a dog,” but you’ll still deal with him. If a girl sleeps around, it’s like “man, she’s a hoe.” That’s a deal breaker.”

6. “Women are way more willing to risk heartbreak than men. They fall in love like it’s nothing. Guys are terrified of that shit. Even more so than women. It takes a dude forever to get over a girl they love. That’s why they stay distant until they’re sure you’re not just another jawn.”

7. “If you gotta wonder if he likes you, he ain’t checkin’.”

8. “Don’t overanalyze shit. Guys are easy. If he seems like he’s not interested, he’s not. He’s not playing some game with you. He’s just not feeling you.”

9. “All guys want is sex. I don’t care how nice he is, from the jump, he’s thinking about getting some. It’s how their brains are wired.”

10. “Guys are visual. You can’t tell them shit, you gotta show them. If he fucks up, you gotta show him you’re not about that, you can’t just say it. Make him earn his way back in.”

11. “Somewhere along the line, girls forgot that they hold all the cards in a relationship. Y’all have all the power. You don’t have to put up with shit from a guy. Wars have been started over women; men will do anything for a girl.”

12. “Respect yourself and your body. A guy picks up on the way you treat yourself and that determines how he treats you.”

13. “Trust your intuition. Y’all girls are always right.”

— 13 Pieces Of Relationship Advice My Dad Has Given Me Over The Years (thought catalog)

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this is my favorite video of all time bar none

I cannot stop laughing. 

how have I gone this long without seeing this video

gotta bring this back lol



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July 26, 2014 at 5:32pm
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I got sent to the hall in Japanese class for laughing so hard at this I hate this post


I got sent to the hall in Japanese class for laughing so hard at this I hate this post

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July 25, 2014 at 11:30pm
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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Paolo Sebastian S/S 2014-15 Haute Couture

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July 21, 2014 at 9:27am
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I’ve watched this at least a hundred times.

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დ insta @sasha​.mei



 insta @sasha​.mei

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July 20, 2014 at 11:54am
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